About the Cattery

As you may already know, Siberian cats originated from Russia and are becoming pretty popular in states. All of our breeding adults are carefully selected from top Russian Siberian bloodlines. Siberian cats have excellent personalities, when you're in the house they have to be near you almost all of the time. Whether I'm on the computer, trying to take a nap, or just watching the television they will either jump on the chair and head butt me or look at me meowing until I give them some attention. Don't even try to go to bed without letting them sleep with you or near you. Sooner or later they will sneak in and you'll have to give in.

Our Siberian cats and kittens are allowed to run inside our house and in an outside enclosed runs that we build for them. We have also constructed numerous climbing trees and other obstacles for them to use. Siberians love to climb and perch on high areas.

Our Siberian kittens received numerous amount of attention and our little son Maxim loves to cuddle with these little furballs.

Let me insure you that we take the best of care possible and our Siberian kittens are extremely sociable and lovable.

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