Just to show you how beautiful our boy is! I couldn't love him any more!

Hope you are well,


Picture for you of the brown and white mctabby male you sent me last month. He is so beautiful and so sweet. We love him!


Hi Natalya,

I keep forgetting to send you a picture of my little man, Remy, from the March 1, 2010 litter. Here he is helping me move :)

Hope you are well!


Hi Natalya,

As you probably know, today is Tchaikovsky's birthday! We celebrated by making him a cat cake (flaked tuna) with a little turkey bacon on top. We are also buying him a cat climber and have been searching for a good one that is tall and affordable. Maybe you have a favorite brand?

He is wonderful. I am sending some shots of Allison (our daughter) holding him. Maybe you can tell from the second shot that he got so excited about the cake that he pawed it onto the floor! We made him a new one...

Hope all is well.

Suzie (and James, Jacob, and Allison)

Hello Natalya,

These are some pictures of Ninna, the most beautiful girl of Charodey cattery. It seems to us she is going to be a big big cat. IsnĀ“t true? She looks a lot like her mum Rosinka and her dad Yerofei and they are very very good looking cats... But overall she is such a sweetheart...


Hi Natalya,

Sorry this has taken so long... We have had company all summer long including one week of 4 teenagers; a gallon of milk per day (with rationing)... anyway fun for all but finally have the house back in order & that is nice too! Pasha was very social... he wanted to be a part of everything!!!

Our vet recommended getting him spay after shots (male could start spraying) so we did that about a month ago... he never missed a beat/couldn't tell that he had any surgery... all is well!

Took him on a leash outside for the first time yesterday. (Didn't do it earlier because of all the company... didn't want him hanging around the door). Prior to this, Wally & I took him to my Mom's, friends etc... we'd tell him to kennel up & he would run to his carrier... he never wants to be left... he is almost always in the same room as us especially me. Anyway the leash was hard to get on as he kept trying to play & bite it... but the 2nd time I brought it out he held still... such a smart kitty!!!

Pasha continues to be simply wonderful... great companion, social, playful. He is a very positive testament to your cattery!!!! We love him!!! Pasha is 5mos./1 week in pictures. He now has some brown/tan hairs along back & nose/mouth area. You can't see that in the pics & he didn't have these tan areas younger... he is gorgeous!!! Everyone who sees him remarks how beautiful he is & of course they hear all about your cattery!!!

Hope all is well with you & your family!

Deb & Wally

Spektor is doing well. Everybody loves him. He made the trip really well. He played and ate and slept, and then used his box when we stopped. My brother, who we stayed with Friday night really loved him. I was afraid we would have fight over him! Everyone says he is so pretty, and friendly and sweet. He is really playful and adventurous. I have been amazed at how quickly he has felt at home. He cried a little the first night when we left him in the bathroom, so Dima slept in the bathroom with him, and they really seem to be bonding well. Tonight, I let him get little glimpses of our other cat, and he still seems a little concerned, so tomorrow we will let him get little glimpses until he gets a little more comfortable before we let them get anywhere near each other.

Thanks again — he is great!


Hi Natalya,

Here are some pictures of Anastasia. She is beautiful and wonderful with the kids.

Thanks again,

Karolyn Keefler

Happy Valentine's Day, Natalya.

I wanted to send you some recent pictures of Dot and Dash. Dot has become my daughter's cat, for sure. She follows her around and waits at her door in the morning until she gets up. Kate can carry her around anywhere. Dash is huge — he weighed in around 14 pounds at 9 months so we suspect he may get another pound or two bigger. He is a love cat. Sometimes you have to take him off of you because he wants to keep giving love bumps with his face on your face, even when you're reading or watching TV. We love them!

Take care,

Blake and Diane Bowers

Dear Natalya,

Here's a picture of me at almost 5 months-old. Mommy and Daddy say that I am a wonderful kitty and everything you said I'd be... very social, affectionate and intelligent. Only one thing, Mommy complains that I wake her up 2–3 times a night because I am always hungry and I am growing quickly. Daddy says that he can't type on the computer because I sit in front of his screen and play with the keyboard. The kids next door, who they claim are my cousins, come over every day to play with me and even write about me in their kindergarten journals. My vet, Dr. Rocky, said that I was his first Siberian and the entire office went crazy taking pictures of me. He loves the hair in my ears. They think I'm royalty. Anyway, I love my home and family. Thanks for sending me here. Send my love to Dimitri and Caroline for me.


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