Our Kings

Charodey Ruslan
TICA Supreme Grand Champion
Black Classic Tabby (n 22)
Ch. Charodey Dimitri, Black Silver McTabby (ns 23)
Charodey Ariadna, Black Classic Tabby (n 22)
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HCM, PKD, FelV/FIV tested negative

Altyn Onix Gloria of Charodey
TICA RW Supreme Grand Champion
Black (Brown) Spotted Tabby with White (n 24 09)
Ivan-Chai Onix Gloria, Golden Spotted Tabby (ny 24)
Double Grand Ch. Dulsineya Onix Gloria(n 22 03)
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HCM,PKD,FelV/FIV tested negative

Charodey Dobrinya
TICA RW Champion
Black (Brown) Tabby Mackerel with White (n 23 09)
Altyn Onix Gloria of Charodey (n 24 09)
Quad Grand Ch. Charodey Uslada (n 23)
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FelV/FIV tested negative
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