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We are taking reservations for current and upcoming litters. Please check Available Kittens and Our Plans page for availability, pictures and additional info.


Our cattery reserve a right of first pick of the litter if we decided to keep or place kitten(s) for breeding.

Price for our Brown/Red/Silver kittens is $1,250

Price for our Golden and Lynx Point kittens is $1,500

Price for our Show quality kittens is $1,500


OUR WAIT LIST: We require pre-paid none refundable $250 Deposit per kitten to get on our Waiting List.

VISITING FEE: If you want to do an allergy test or visit our cattery without further commitment we require $50 Visiting Fee pre-paid through Paypal. Visiting Fee will be counted toward the Deposit if you decided to get on our waiting list.

VISITING TIME: We only allow one family per visit. The visiting time is up to 60 minutes. Please don't be late. Late arrival time will be deducted from allowable 60 min of visiting time.

PAPERWORK: We hold registration paperwork for all of our kittens sold as pets until the owner(s) send us a proof of neutering or spaying of their kitten(s). Proof should be provided through licensed Veterinarian with full information about the cat including DOB, color, name of cat and owners with current address.

FUR SAMPLE: We also can send "Fur sample" collected from parents of the litter(s) through regular post mail for a small mailing Fee of $10.

For your convenience Paypal is available

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